Vila Grancha

Maquinaria Agrícola y Jardín

The history of Vila Grancha

In spring 1980, Mr Salvador Vila Grancha an experienced young man devoted themselves to the Spanish Agricultural Mechanization and agriculture planting machines. They establish Vila Grancha S.L. and begun to manufacture some the first wheelbarrow sprayers in the country. Power sprayers then became their first step in this field. Their belief and passion made Vila Grancha keep growing for the past 30 years, and achieve the main Spanish wheelbarrow sprayer manufacturer.

After decades of leading in agricultural power sprayer area, Vila Grancha gradually introduced into other areas such as agriculture planting machine , seeding systems and garden machinery. As Vila Grancha grew rapidly, improvements were made in production and quality control procedures, the small company of 300 square meters in 1980 have been grown into more than 5.000 square meters in 2010.


Three core capabilities of VILA GRANCHA:

  1. Wheel barrow sprayers & related spray systems designing and manufacturing
  2. Trasplanting and seeding machinery
  3. Gardening products.

Our company works behind the most quality rules, all of them are certified according to the safety standards like European normative ( CE) and other foreigners certificates.

We expect ourselves to be the top manufacturer of wheelbarrow sprayers and related transplanting products around the world. We believe with experienced technical know-how, advanced equipments, and our belief in high quality service, Vila Grancha will be the best partner of all buyers.

Vila Grancha International